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One of the greatest concerns when creating a psychological test is whether or not it actually measures what we think it is measuring.

For example, a test might be designed to measure a stable personality trait but instead measure transitory emotions generated by situational or environmental conditions.

Making an individual question is a tedious task and validating this questionnaire is another challenge which at times is over looked.

Consideration should be given accordingly on whether the questionnaire will measure quantitative or qualitative data, and what would be its mode of administration.

Drivers or motives of e WOM behaviour on social media are unique and at the same time nurturing relationships and networking is one of the fundamental functionality users of social media derive.

(SR)ABSTRACT: This study aims at evaluating media credibility in contemporary China and exploring what factors influence people's perceptions of media credibility.

A survey was conducted in Beijing (N = 376) and showed that the professional media outlets have evolved into a strong competitor of the traditional party-organ news media and were viewed as more credible than the party mouthpiece.

Therefore, both of these factors ought to play a crucial role in comprehending the underlying e WOM behaviour.

Researchers have empirically found e WOM on social media to be capable of influencing, both, consumption-related behaviour and brand equity.

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