How to become more confident in dating

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A women’s need to “fit” with their partner can also draw them away from their integrity, which can greatly weaken rather than strengthen the bonds we want to create.

Women constantly lose themselves as they try to make their partners happy instead of remaining true to themselves.

Often there will be exercises like talking to random strangers to build this confidence. I was shocked how so many authors would write almost exclusively on this one topic, as if there was nothing else involved with dating.

I’ll tell you a secret: even though I had great success with online dating I was never all that confident.

A sparking personality, quick wit, developed intellect, impeccable style…But above all, a woman’s confidence can be one of her most powerful assets. It speaks louder than the shoes she wears, the places she travels, and sometimes even louder than the books she reads.It is reflected by the way she carries herself and the way she treats others.It can open doors for her in life, and lack of it can close them again.So, what marks the differences between a truly confident woman, and one who is just trying too hard?

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