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That's why we have developed a number of advanced video chat technologies.We offer multiple cam chat rooms, our unique integration of chat and social profiles allows chatters to interact and share pictures.It's just a game so please use common sense and have fun.This game is for adults over 18 years of age only and if you decide to play it is at your own risk.Failure to perform the dare will result in the player removing one article of clothing each time. Failure to garner a majority of votes on the believability of your truth results in the removal of one article of clothing each time!Get a few people to play, have a great time, take pics and send them in!Although it's called a game, in reality there are no winners and losers.

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There are some sites that make it easy so you don't have to think of questions or dares.RULES: - This sexy "R" rated version of Truth or Dare is for two or more players.Each player takes turns selecting the "truth" or "dare" buttons and then answers the question or performs the dare.accepts no responsibility for any injury, distress or death that may result as a consequence of playing this game.Free video chat rooms from with HD webcams is the best place to chat for free online.

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