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A big reason is that more adults than teens are out and it can be hard to meet openly GLBT partners your age.

Some of these relationships are perfectly healthy, but others aren't.

If he's 22 years old and wears glasses and weighs 108 pounds and says "for some reason people tend to think I'm a Twink," feign surprise and say "men are so into labels." Then help him lift his martini glass to his lips and move on.

Five: If you're over thirty and at least four years older than your date, don't be surprised if he calls you Daddy.

Then you have to approach him and strike up a conversation.

As these are different for each guy, I've also created a Sex Diagnostic Tool to give you the video that fixes your personal frustration.For example, will going on a date "out" me and is it safe to hang out with my same sex date in public?Brad's infamous "Underground Dating Seminar," recorded in front of a live audience in Manhattan in 2006.Two: You're "Checking In" at the restaurant where you've made dinner reservations? Nothing like telling 5,000 Facebook friends the location of your intimate rendezvous.Three: Do not "friend" your date on Facebook before or after the initial meeting.

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